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This is "proof-of-concept-quality" code (i.e. no production release) that provides some core functions for FreeRTOS that had to be adapted to work with Altera's NIOS2 architecture. It uses Altera's HAL and Newlib and has no networking support yet. Additionally you'll need FreeRTOS version 4.0.4 to build it, and Altera's NIOS2 IDE (I used version 5.1).

Please note that the directory layout inside the archive isn't final. It isn't easy (maybe not possible at all) to comply with NIOS IDE requirements and FreeRTOS conventions at the same time.

Source Code / Downloads

Files that add NIOS2 support to the FreeRTOS version 4.0.4 distribution

Please note: FreeRTOSTM is a trademark of Richard Barry, NIOSTM II is a trademark of Altera Corp.