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The following text describes project ideas. I may be already working on one or more of them, do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested. Others may be simply wish lists.

2007-11-20: fwxget: extract device firmware from host drivers

The title says it all. The tool should be able to dissect EXE, DLLs and SYS files and look for firmware meant for download to some device. For example, devices that make use of the Cypress EZ-USB controllers often have the 8051 code embedded. Often, new versions of host applications contain firmware updates for the devices controlled by these applications. With some heuristics, the tool could detect code which is meant for another processor (8051, ARM, ...) and extract it.
L.Brosens suggested to also try to extract firmware from booted, running devices (not all devices allow this, but some do), and use the data from the device to locate the actual firmware image in the driver.

2007-11-11: webarium: watching web site visitors

This idea actually came up years before when I ran a BBS with modem dialin. One could watch the dialin users typing the commands for listing files, changing directories, and to start downloads. It was fun to watch just like it can be be fun to stare at fish in an aquarium. I though it should be possible to render the activity somewhat like fish in an aquarium. Or some other animals. And it should be possible with web site users as well. At least on larger web sites.

2007-09-19: servdeps: network/service dependency database and monitoring

I practically realized this somehow some years ago, but would do it completely different today ;) (and it had no monitoring anyway)

2007-03-22: VCMS: cms / documentation / wiki system based on Subversion

2007-03-18: UrJTAG: Universal JTAG software API

I started to actually work on this and promoted it from an "idea" to a "project" with its own page!

2007-02-20: Generic C51 CDC device firmware

2006-11-17: FTDemu: FTDI USB FIFO emulation